January 16, 2008

How Great Is The Sin Of The Church?

A blogger on the "open forum" said...
"Anyone hear Chuck Swindoll this a.m.? He stood before his people broken hearted and humbled to the point of tears - not because of any personal sin but because of the sin of adultery of two of his staff members. It was obvious his heart was breaking over sin that broke the heart of God. He made it clear that both had been immediately released from their jobs, and he made no excuses for them nor sympathized with them. He then gave a powerful message to his people on the consequences of sin against a holy God, and he encouraged their hearts for the days ahead. The service was ended with both congregation and choir singing all 4 stanzas of Holy, Holy Holy. Sin was dealt with, God was glorified, and the people comforted and edified. Contrast that with the way the leadership handled the PW case.There is no comparison."

David Brown was raped by Paul Fredrick Haas, a Catholic priest, in 1961 and Christa Brown was raped by Tommy Gilmore, a SBC youth and children's leader when she was a young teen. Both are involved with SNAP. They give you a picture of what is going on in American Christianity today. It is not a pretty picture.

Bellevue's associate, Paul Williams, sodomized his own young son for 12-18 months while Bellevue was in their zenith under Adrian Rogers' celebrated leadership in Memphis as well as nationally in the SBC and "Love Worth Finding" media ministry. "Dr. Rogers was an adamant supporter of the pro-life movement, had stated that the institution of capital punishment is spiritually ordained, and supported a boycott of Disney because of the company's supposed promotion of homosexuality."

Now I have gotten in trouble for being too specific on the Bratton Report so I will try to tone it down so not to offend Mike. Romans 1:27 says Man (male) shall not lie with man (male) as Man (male) lies with woman ( female). A male ordained associate lay with his on young son (male) in the manner in which he should have been laying with his wife. By night he lay with his son and by day walked the halls of Bellevue Baptist as associate pastor friend of Dr Rogers.

In the context of Romans 1:27 God created women with a secretion of clear odorless lubrication and directed blood flow to allow for normal activity in a loving enjoyable manner. Williams' young son had no benefit of this natural process. Neither was his innocent psyche able to comprehend what was going on. Untold damage is done to such a child. Words should not be able to express the outrage by authorities and Bellevue membership.

Gmmomy said to me "Defend SG all you want....it doesn't matter. SG was still the one confessed to by the predator and SG was the one that made the decision to keep it a secret to everyone at BBC while PW continued to be a first responder for children who may have fallen or been hurt while at church....and PW continued to violate already wounded women.... fully protected by SG and the ones SG chose to tell. Any real leader or protector would have reported him to proper authorities and removed him from his position of power."

Gmmomy and 32years@BBC, Paul Williams is the perpetrator not Gaines. You are making assumptions about Steve Gaines' cover-up and that Rogers would have acted quickly.

All the outrage on all these blogs, except Bratton's, are directed toward Steve Gaines as though he is the perpetrator. There is very little outrage toward Paul Williams, supposedly to protect his son, as though more damage could be done to him.

Yet day after day they attack Steve Gaines, his wife and family. They call them names and make fun of their appearance. Then they go on tangents of emergent churches, styles of worship, female preachers on and on day after day. They turn on one another. Any preacher or pastor who comments will be short lived.

I tell them over and over Steve Gaines inherited the mess Adrian Rogers left them. So they moderate my comments.

Brood of vipers.


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Am I ever right about NBBCOF!!!

Read their exchange today and see if they are nuts! Now Watchman is dead meat. Who's next?

These are disciples of Adrian Rogers!