January 25, 2008

Two Opinions From Two Doctors! Can We Get A Third?

Dr Rogers successor, Steve Gaines, at Bellevue preached his anti-Calvinism message (must be a contractual agreement to continue the legacy) and stated: "I am not knocking people (Calvinist) who are, but they know themselves that they got the idea of limited atonement from their own logical thinking, they didn't get it out of the Bible...."

Dr Rogers insist on logic inspite what the Bible teaches by stating "now use a little sense"

Which is it? Do we use a little sense and logic for the sake of missions and evangelism or do we not use a little sense and logic to avoid Calvinism?

Dr Rogers and Dr. Gaines, what does the Bible have to do with all this anyway? The Bible only provides proof texts for our interpretations. Our beliefs determine the meaning of scripture. Isn't that true?

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