January 22, 2008

Adrian Rogers Preached Transubstantiation! Can A SBC Preacher Do That?

Transubstantiate means to change into another substance. The Catholic dogma declares that the communion elements, bread and wine, are changed into the actual body and blood of Christ yet keeping the appearance of bread and wine. The belief is that the Catholic is actually receiving from the hand of the priest and consuming the body of Christ.

Adrian Rogers taught that the sinner like lifeless bread and grape juice are dead spiritually and cannot respond in faith to accept Christ. However when an unbeliever hears his altar call the Holy Spirit provides an enablement to properly respond. This "grace" is pre-conversion enablement and can be accepted or rejected. It is not clear when this enablement is actually given. While the Catholic believes the elements are changed into the body of Christ, Adrian Rogers believed that the dead unbeliver is changed back into Adam's moral state even though by outward appearance you cannot see it.

Dr. Rogers taught often that "where God leads, God enables." You cannot be dead and alive at the same time yet this pre-conversion grace is not new life but that which is sufficient to make a free choice without God's interference and thus if accepted spiritual regeneration takes place.

Unlike the Catholic tradition there is no tabernacle to maintain the sacred body of Christ not consumed. Of coarse the Priest usually consumes the remaining wine at the end of the ceremony.

The SBC scholars must have multitudes of explanations about the giving and duration of this supernatural enablement.

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