February 5, 2008

Adrian Rogers Was The Holy Spirit's Pope

For the Catholics the Pope is the representative of Christ on the earth. He is the vicar of Christ. By extension every priest is the representative of the Pope serving the eucharistic body of Christ to his parish.

When Adrian Rogers says: "the best friend that you have on earth is the Holy Spirit" (p.3 "The Holy Spirit Your Best Friend") he means Christ, who is in you. He confuses the offices of Christ and the Holy Spirit. He does this because he is semi-pelagian, Arminian, and not a Bible believing preacher.

He is a pseudo-trinitarian traveling down the crooked path toward unitarianism. In time he would have caught up with the Jehovah's Witnesses!

He believes the main purpose of the Spirit's job is to provide the 'itty bitty' miracle of pre-conversion enablement (transubstantiation) granting a sufficient temporary/permanent modification of total depravity in order for the dead to act freely in choosing Christ.

When the Spirit's work is finished, Rogers elbows himself in to proclaim, "come to Jesus" . He is now the vicar of the Father issuing the call.

Obviously, all this is silly! Inspite of Rogers' faulty theology the Holy Spirit actually regenerates fully the dead sinner, gives him the call and the sanctified saint goes down the isle to the altar calling on the name of the Lord. The Lord does the saving and Rogers gets the glory. Everyone leaves church thankful for a preacher like Dr Rogers! (including the unregenerate who responded to Rogers' call. Apparently this is a large number of people. Oh well, this is the price you pay for Arminian evangelism)

Strangely all that has changed since Steve Gaines is now at Bellevue. Steve ain't no Pope, sorry.

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