February 24, 2008

Pickles Have Souls

"Adrian Rogers (the first SBC president elected by the Patterson- Pressler coalition) said, "If we say pickles have souls, they (seminary professors) better teach that pickles have souls." Seminary teachers who refused to comply were fired, sought employment elsewhere, or took early retirement. Their replacements are indoctrinators who have usurped the place of the Holy Spirit and now presume to make Southern Baptists accountable for living according to the interpretations and convictions of the Patterson-Pressler coalition."

Can't you see the cycle of abuse? Rich donors at Bellevue Baptist backed Adrian Rogers massive dream of big ministries locally, nationally and internationally. They took great pride in "usurping the place of the Holy Spirit" all the while Dr Rogers was crediting Jesus' enablement. These men are sons of Satan. The same Satan that was refused by Christ in the wilderness, Dr Rogers allied with. "Menservants and maidens" get beaten down in this process and God's night visitation left Paul Williams as silent judgement against Bellevue Baptist.

When Dr Rogers sent an indirect message via pastors in Atlanta to seminary professors that they had better comply with big donors, he was now the son of Satan. He was corrupting those pastors at Atlanta with inner driven strength and out come based values. If they too wanted to grow a large church, this was the way to do it.

If this were liberals and moderates forcing professors to teach their views or else be forced into early retirement or resignation the conservatives would think that was awful. But this conservative bullying and the "inerrant" issue is the "soul of the pickle". Biblical inerrancy is as relative as pickles having souls. Don't you think that makes God angry?

The only way for revival to come to fundamentalism is for Christ minded people to stand up to these donors and say enough is enough. We trust in God and not your riches! Will fundamentalism do it? No way!

Just like in Jesus day a few individuals will tie the hand of the strong men and ridicule and ravish their houses. That is happening even now. Revival won't come rather early retirements and sudden resignations will take place in Churches across America. The move of God will be seen not in edification and encouragement but massive layoffs. When you see these things take place then know the end is near. There will not be a revival but a revolution. Revivals result in life revolutions start with death. Revivals result in reformations however temporary they may be. Revolutions usually end in long lasting chaotic situations.


WatchingHISstory said...

Pat Robertson(http://www.cbn.com/spirituallife/TeachingSheets/pat_perspective_Judgment.aspx) said: "God is not going to put a hedge of protection around sodomy and abortion. He's not going to do it."

God lifted the hedge around Bellevue Baptist and allowed sodomy of the worst type to take place. Perverts sodomize other peoples' sons. An ordained Bellevue associate sodomized his own son. Pat Robertson is out raged that sodomy takes place in America but at Bellevue it is just a "moral failure"!

Bellevue built a hedge around a sodomite! They will never be able to preach against sodomy with a straight face. (no pun intended)


Junkster said...

"Biblical inerrancy is as relative as pickles having souls."

What does this mean? Are you denying the doctrine of inerrancy, just as you deny the doctrine of pickle-soul-ology?

WatchingHISstory said...

By the bullying process Adrian Rogers reduced inerrancy to "pickles having souls" He is resorting to the Purpose driven outcome based technique and by association truth is relative as long as you have a favorable outcome.

I believe in inerrancy however I love eating a good pickle and if they have souls I could not in good conscience eat one. You know they have stopped serving pickles around the elders table in heaven.