February 8, 2008

Where Is The Outrage?

Murder of gay student sparks outrage, debate - murder of Matthew Shepard, a student at the University of Wyoming - Christian Century, Oct 28, 1998

OUTRAGE It is the response toward injustice and is the familiar reaction we see on a weekly basis on our globe. Cars overturned, fires set, buildings broken into, looting, people injured and killed. Emotional outburst and speeches by men and women who rise up as leaders against injustices.

Today at work I ask a black lady working beside me, "why is it that a white police officer accidentally shoots a youth who he mistakenly thinks has a pistol and riots erupt. It happens in LA, Detroit, Chicago and NY and yet an ordained SBC minister at Bellevue Baptist sodomizes his own young son for 12-18 months and there is no outrage by the church to speak of?" She said, "that is a shame!"

One poster on a blog wrote: " When Bellevue's Paul Williams resigned from teaching his adult SS class a few months before the story about him molesting his son came out, members of his former class were saying that they'd go to any class he taught -- if he'd just come back. Someone asked them if that wouldn't make them feel bad for the victim, and their response was, "No, Paul's the best there is!"

In the Old Testament when a grievous highhanded crime such as this was committed the man would be led outside the city gates and stoned. The angry crowd would gnash their teeth at him and in riotous manner cast stones at him as if he were a wild animal.No, for us it was a "moral failure" and the blood covers him, he is forgiven. However Heb 10:26 says to me that "no, he isn't forgiven," rather a willful sin for which there is no sacrifice. A fearful awaiting of fiery indignation in the life to come when he faces an angry God.

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