February 28, 2008

Dead Men Walking

"Arminianism is one of the many great heresies perpetrated upon the world. And those pastors and preachers and teachers and evangelists who preach the man-centered heresy of Arminianism are guilty of heresy." Is there a line drawn in the sand here?

At one time the exalted saint of America, Pelagius, was called a heretic and declared so in the synod at Carthage, which was presided over by Aurelius, while fifty-nine bishops of the ecclesiastical province of Numidia, to which the See of Hippo, St. Augustine's see belonged, held a synod in Mileve. In both places the doctrines of Pelagius were rejected as contradictory. Surprisingly the Catholic Church declared Pelagius a heretic!

Their belief is Pelagianism just "bled to death", but no, variations of it are strong in American Fundamentalism. Pelagianism is obvious in cults like Jehovah Witnesses and Unitarianism. But it is disguised in American Fundamentalism. Men like Adrian Rogers and Jerry Vines embrace forms of it, all the while claiming to be Biblicist.

Imagine, Adrian Rogers embracing what the Catholic Church rejected! That is a double edged statement that can make you proud or it can make you shameful. What does it do for you?

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