February 16, 2008

Bellevue Baptist's Embeded Ridicule

We all now know that as of September 11, 2001 there were sleeper terrorist cells embedded throughout our American cities. We cannot doubt there are many more cells waiting futher instructions for attacks against American targets. In like manner A sleeper cell was embedded in the Bellevue church in the person of Paul Williams.

In a vision I saw a chair and an angry voice saying "Adrian Rogers sit in this chair and watch your beloved Bellevue crumble and be distroyed" From heaven he watches with teary eyes his followers in angry fashion disburse throughout Memphis searching for a church that preaches the "illusive faith" of their deceased pastor. He pleads with heaven to send someone to Memphis to tell them to stay with Bellevue.. His tears increase when he hears of the aggressive behavior of those who victimize Steve Gaines and make him bear the consequences unjustly. His heart breaks with the peace the man who sabotoged his legacy experiences in new environments in Fayette County. He cries for vindication for the sake of the son Paul sodomized. There will be a time when God wipes the tears from his eyes and assures him that wrongs will be punished.

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