February 14, 2008

For The Thing Which I Fear Cometh Upon Me

I attended the memorial service for Adrian Rogers at Bellevue. Anyone unaware what the service was about would have known that whoever was enclosed in the casket had a greart God! Jim Whitmire directed a superb worship portion of the service. I had nerver heard more elegant worship than the choir that night. Music was awesome. To my great satisfaction there was no applause after each song! It was reverential! The Holy Spirit was in the arrangements and Dr Whitmire reflected that spiritual aura. I felt that this was a historical worship event that should be repeated every Sunday at Bellevue.
Anyone unaware who was enclosed in the casket would have know by the remaining lenghty portion that the man was a great man as elder after elder enunciated. I felt that even Adrian himself grew tired of the enless display after such heavenly worship.
Was the Holy Spirit involved in the programing of elder statesmen? I personally think so. There was one man whose remarks spoiled the program as everyone now knows. It was an unerasable disgrace embedded in the evening. I enclose the remarks:
"We've got people who appreciate the fact that this is a preacher that was teaching the Word of God and he was teaching it not simply as head knowledge or heart knowledge but he was stressing to our people, here is the way that you can practically apply the Word of God on a consistent day by day basis and what he was speaking of did not simply affect our people's lives on Sunday morning or sunday night but from Monday mornings through saturday evening and so it was a seven day a week relationship that wasn't just a religion but a relationship with Christ."
These words set in concrete were the words of a man not seeking to honor a man he loved but words to galvanize his future against going to jail. The death of Dr Rogers must have struck a fear in him that the realization of what he greatly feared for the last seventeen years was the uncovering of his secret past. Something in Dr Rogers seemed to guarentee his secrecy and he knew that Steve Gaines spelled trouble for him. Dr Rogers was a smooth predictable man and Dr Gaines was jagged and unpredictable!

He had assurance from Dr Rogers that he wasn't going to hell and his only worry was going to jail. Was the Holy Spirit in the program? I believe so. He is also sovereign isn't He?

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