February 13, 2008

When Saints Are Devilish!

keith solomon said... Bratton Report -9:27 AM, February 08, 2008; 2:20 PM, Feb 09, 2008; 8:52 PM, Feb 10, 2008
"I just dropped by the 'savingbellevue' site to see what all the ruckus was about the videos that the interns put together, and this is the headline on the story (which links to the videos): See if you can find the gospel in this production made with the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent for the media depart on equipment and salaries paid for by your tithe money. This is a perfect example of why I've opposed Jim Haywood's and Integrity Does Count's efforts from day one. Those efforts are built on lies. As anyone who has ever taped a recital or a birthday party can tell, the videos were made with a hand held camcorder and edited with off-the-shelf software. Haywood is tech-savvy, and he knows that perfectly well. Implying that the video was made by Jim Barnwell's staff and that the cost was enormous is a deliberate, malicious lie. The amateur editting and audio/video quality aren't anywhere close to Bellevue video productions, as Haywood knows perfectly well. I suspect he thought that the videos were so inane that people wouldn't feel insulted enough, so Mr. Haywood decided to help the truth out a little. Haywood has long been a critic of the Purpose Driven Church movement, saying that they don't teach what sin is. I wonder why it is that JH doesn't seem to understand what holiness is? Can't he understand that God is not honored by deception? I wonder where he got the justification for the name 'Integrity Does Count'? I just can't help but wonder how things might have unfolded if deceivers like Haywood, Sharp, and Emerson hadn't been allowed to sneak around with their recorders and spread rumors, innuendos, and lies. We needed men with the mind of Christ to step up during the conflict, but instead we got men with the mind of Jacob. Lucky us."

Keith, my perspective on all this, I'm sure you know, is different than yours. The posters on New Bellevue Baptist Church Open Forum as well as the above mentioned have learned situational ethics from semi-pelagian ministries. Dr Rogers, maybe unconsciously, resorted to this tactic when he fought against Calvinism using a straw man fallacy to argue his points.

You ask, why didn't Jim Haywood understand God's holiness? Didn't he understand that God is not honored by deception? Can't you see where all this came from? Where did these men learn to sneak around with recorders, spread rumors, lies and innuendos? Sometimes zeal for the truth perverts men's minds and especially if there is a belief that men are not so bad and they are redeemable by personal choice.

All around us we are seeing this saturate the fundamental Christian community. You can't tell the world from the church. Sometimes the world displays more character than the church!

Has an unbeliever in Memphis sodomized his own young son? I haven't heard about any. An ordained associate pastor at Bellevue did, not once, but repeatedly for 12-18 months. He walked the halls of Bellevue for 17 years maintaining his secret evil crime!

So don't be surprised by what followers of Adrian Rogers are liable to do!

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