February 4, 2008

The Cry Of Sodom

Christa Brown cried out on her blog that she was struggling with her faith. She said: "Lately, I’ve been pondering that painting again. It makes me think about my own struggle with faith.I often think it would be so much easier if I could just walk away from faith. I yearn to let go of it. I pray to be free from it.Most of the pure, raw hatefulness I’ve encountered is linked in with my faith. So in my neural networks, faith-related things are tethered to nightmares.I envy people who find comfort in their faith. What a luxury. For me, faith is something I endure.Faith is a constant, endless struggle. It’s not a source of solace.I’ve tried so many times to let go of it. Wouldn’t that make more sense? If I was actually paying attention to Southern Baptist leaders, I would certainly think so. After all, what possible meaning can any faith group hold when its leaders become so wrapped up in themselves and their power that the safety of children is secondary?"

Does God hear her cry? Absolutely! Will God avenge the injustice done to her by a SBC minister? Absolutely! Do we hear her cry? She doesn't think so. Well, do we?

Did anyone hear the stifled cries of Chris Williams as his father's hand covered his son's mouth to keep from waking Chris' mother? God did! Did God hide from Dr Rogers that awful thing that Reverend Williams did to his son? Yes! Why? Because he was an Arminian. Seriously, his semi-pelagianism had so corrupted Dr Rogers theology that it was futile to tell him anything about the sinful condition of his own staff.

Was it futile for God to tell Abraham about the sinful condition of Sodom? Was it futile to tell him there were cries for help that were reaching the throne of Heaven? Just my opinion but I think so. Was Abraham the intercessor we make him out to be? Do we care today that children are being raped by sodomizers? Will we sit back and ignore the sinfulness of the world we live in?

Will God tell anyone in American fundamentalism about the cries? Has semi-pelagianism so corrupted our core spiritually that we really don't care? Abraham and his wife had just doubted the promises of God for themselves. It seems that his pleading for righteous men in Sodom was a cry for him and his wife. They themselves were depraved and if he could plead for some in Sodom then unconsciously he might find redemption for himself. Afterall, his wife had just laughed at God and then when confronted she denied it. They insulted the sovereignty of God.
"Is anything too hard for the Lord?"

God withheld the information from Adrian Rogers because He knew that he would repeat the error of Abraham. Abraham's plea was an attempt to alter for himself the nature of God. "God you are not a God of wrath but a God of mercy and love." He would atempt to redefine depravity, "everyone in Sodom is surely not worthy of destruction." "They do have a small portion of redeemable value and can decide for themselves their own destiny."

Rogers would argue that while they are totally corrupt, "surely God can grant them some divine pre wrath enablement to escape for themselves."

Oh well, should I keep rambling? It is just speculation of one person early in the morning.
Paul Williams and his wife have resumed a normal life in Fayette County having fled Cordova from accusing fingers. They have settled into a local church and he is seen at young people's basketball games. His only worry is jail not hell. Meanwhile every where he goes he spreads a little hell. His wife, son and grandchildren will not be able to trust him even if they say they do. The church will not trust him even if they say he is forgiven. They will increase the budget for nursery security. Every worker will be screened and new locks will be added to doors that never had locks. Everywhere he goes the cries of Sodom will be heard by God.

Now Rogers hears these cries from heaven and he too cries tears of intercession. Will we hear? Probably not! We will insist on being hospitable, struggle with our comfort and insist that we all just get along and not fuss. It is a love worth finding.

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