February 1, 2008

Calvinist Are Born Not Made

A Calvinist is born a navicular disciple and the Holy Spirit is his navigator. Even our superior and all sufficient Savior would not interfere with our navigation. "If I navigate you will not be able to bear it!" He departed this earth to make way for the Navigator, himself, "He will teach you."

You were not born an Arminian. You were navigated into that port. Free floating on a vast sea with only a window heavenward you looked out on the horizon and saw a lighthouse.

Before you were saved you followed the course of this world's prince robotically, without free choice. But on the high seas with the Holy Spirit as your Navigator you have perfect freed will.
You can so easily and quickly defer to a lighthouse on the horizon. Believing that it is easier to follow a horizontal indicator rather than trust the stars you head toward the lighthouse. The puzzeling aspect of this is that it can happen so fast. You were born a Calvinist and now you are in a strange port. The Holy Spirit just sits there silent, absenting himself purposefully, like Paul in the hull of the ship tossed by the Euroclydon. He had previously tried to reason with the "experienced" seasoned sea captain to wait out the storm. The captain seeking to please others sought to expedite matters by rushing ahead.

This port of Arminian strongholds denies the fact of total depravity which "alone gives grace its occasion and opportunity". You free floated on the high seas, led by the Spirit through the hearing of faith. Now you are anchored in another gospel. Denver is your headquarters not Heaven. Carnality reigns supreme not victory in Christ. Adrian Rogers was one of this ports famous preachers and he and all others like him are "under the anathema of God." Gal 1:9 -quotes are from Scofield's notes -Gal 1:6

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