February 16, 2008

Words Of A Pedophile

Starting in 1987-88 Paul Williams discipled his young son in the ways of sexual perversion, teaching him to observe all the perverse skills of homoeroticism. It took 12-18 months but he accomplished it by a basic day by day consistency. A little here a little there, line upon line, precept by precept. (Isaiah 28:13) The young lad received instruction he would never depart from. Not only was Paul perverse he took pleasure (Rom 1:32) in the perverting of his own young son he had conceived together in a loving relationship with his wife.

Would you expect a pedophile to say anything spiritually profound? NO! Everything he says is self-serving. At Dr Rogers memorial service he said:

"We've got people who appreciate the fact that this is a preacher that was teaching the Word of God and he was teaching it not simply as head knowledge or heart knowledge but he was stressing to our people, here is the way that you can practically apply the Word of God on a consistent day by day basis and what he was speaking of did not simply affect our people's lives on Sunday morning or sunday night but from Monday mornings through saturday evening and so it was a seven day a week relationship that wasn't just a religion but a relationship with Christ."

The summary of this message at the memorial service by Paul Williams is: "A relationship with Christ can be established by a practical application of the word of God on a consistent day by day basis." This is a semi-pelagian subliminal message embedded into an otherwise perfect memorial service for Adrian Rogers. It is embedded into unerasable archives that will forever ridicule the faulty American Fundamentalistic message that Dr Rogers preached. It says that human free will determines destiny.

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