March 1, 2008

Adrian Rogers was a protege of John R Rice. He wrote his booklet, "Predestined for Hell? Absolutely not!" Rice wrote, "Predestined to Hell? No!" Robert L Sumner, "An Examination of TULIP: The Five Points O Calvinism" Dr Rogers depended on both for his small booklet. posts: "In the May 18, 1979 edition of The Sword of the Lord, John R. Rice wrote an article entitled, “Southern Baptist Leader Wants S.B.C. President Believing Inerrant Bible.” It is a reaction to a (then) recent article in the Nashville Banner, in which Paige Patterson outlines his plans for retaking the Convention by electing an inerrantist as President who would pack the trustee boards of the Convention with other inerrantists.
John R. Rice did not believe that it would work. Under the subheader, “The Fatal Flaw in Dr. Patterson’s Plan” he wrote: Dr. Paige Patterson is in a most influential place. He is an associate of W.A. Criswell, the strongest preacher in the Convention. He is a member of the largest and richest church in the Southern Baptist Convention, the First Baptist Church at Dallas. He is in the church that gives the most money to the Cooperative Program and has more influence than any other church among Southern Baptists. But his plan will fail. There is a fatal flaw in it. The fatal flaw is that he plans still to go on supporting infidels while he tries to change things."

Did Dr. Rogers moderate his views about infidels? Well, no, I personally heard his sermon against these infidels on my 51st birthday 1997. He never departed from his mentoring. Dr Rogers mastered the art of courting infidels without compromising his beliefs. The facial expression of Dr Rice seems to say you can't do that. The facial expression on Dr Rogers' portrait at Bellevue seems to say "watch me".
Now the common thread that seems to run through all these men: Rice, Patterson and Rogers is another kind of infidel. Rice's legacy is scared by Jack Hyles' bunch, Rogers' legacy is scared by Paul Williams and Patterson's legacy will be scared by the cries of victims of Baptist preachers who are sexual predators. So who is destroying the SBC, the Calvinist or the anti-Calvinist?

RyanDeBarr writes: "Dr. John R. Rice was a great polemicist but a very bad prophet.
A quick scan of Southern Baptist blogs will reveal just how thoroughly Paige Patterson did succeed. There are those today who lament the fact no moderates can be found on any of the trustee boards. In fact, Patterson succeeded so well that many strong conservatives are a little sick of him!
A lesson to be drawn from this is that God works through anyone He pleases to work through. John R. Rice did not think that God could use Paige Patterson, because of Patterson’s associations. I have heard many times that “God can’t use you if you ___________!!” But God works however He wants, through whomever He wants, to accomplish whatever He wants."

God works through Hyles, Williams and a host of conservatives!

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Anonymous said...

Whenever you have a an ecclesiastical association, you are open to false doctrine and false practices, because of the compromise, that must be made by the members of that group, or fellowship.

That's why I am an independent Sovereign Grace Baptist, going to an
Independent Sovereign Grace Church.

Paul W. Foltz DD