March 16, 2008

Satan's Endtimes Template

I'm a panmillennialist, everything will pan out in the end. So I am switching to premill mode and post about dispensational end times. Here goes!

All premill prophecy teachers know that the anti-Christ will eventually receive world control.

No one will be able to buy nor sell without his mark in their hand or forehead. We can see the pattern as a template which can be seen already in many aspects of life. It is a subtle and deceptive force that will deceive even the elect. Those who should know better are taken in by it's deception. Survival on the earth demands that you take the mark.

The end time convergence will not be a sudden over-night move but a long pattern of convergences leading up to the final big move. Astute end-time teachers will see this pattern. The step toward one world rule starts with the templates that we don't recognize. We don't recognize because they appear honorable. There are denominational practices that we hold to for the reason we want to remain faithful to that organization. There are ecclesiastical formats we hold to that demand our loyalty. We are Charismatic, Word of Faith, Conservative, Fundamental, Dispensational, etc. etc. It is an economic and commercial commitment. It is the difference in success or failure.

We have a consumer mentality with our beliefs and our most cherished beliefs can be tools of Satan to tempt us to sell out for God. The subtle deceiver said in the garden, "did God say?" The very truth we hold dearly is used by Satan to divide us. This is how the elect are deceived. It is a seduction that no mortal man can discern and it requires the Holy Spirit's assistance.

A pastor gives an altar call every service because it is expected of him. It is not a thought out theological scheme but if he fails to do so he is not evangelical and evangelistic. While some say the Word is infallible others say inerrant. Inerrant is an economic issue which mark one as conservative. Now I believe the Word is inerrant but it is not a template I would allow to be a mark of conservative convergence.

Arminianism is a convergent mark that demands allegiance to for the sake of financial gain. There is money to be made in being Arminian, that is anti Calvinist or as some say anti-hyper Calvinistic.

Have you taken the mark? There will be some soul who will say I haven't taken that mark.
Oh, you have not!

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