March 8, 2008

Will A Man Sell His Soul to The Devil To Be Roger's Replacement?

There is great financial gain to be had by the person who replaces Dr Rogers' anti Calvinist polemics. Steve Gaines has already gained a salary nearly twice what Adrian Rogers was receiving (no one really knows this since it is confidential) at Bellevue Baptist. If Steve Gaines can weather the current storm he and his wife Donna will realize a financial gain with their company, "Hope for Your Future" which would compare to "Love Worth Finding."

However Steve Gaines attempted to follow Dr Rogers' lead a couple of Sundays ago by refuting irresistible grace with "some people believe that stuff." He will not be the one to fill Dr Rogers' shoes!

The man or woman who fills Rogers shoes will have to please the anti-Calvinist crowd with Rogers' style. He will realize stature and celebrity that brings with it a lot of money and a guaranteed place in the SBC. Anti-Calvinism is a highly lucrative business!

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