March 26, 2008

Altar Calls, The New Sacrament

Altar Calls, the new sacrament
In many churches the obvious criteria for anti-Calvinism is an altar call every service. Rarely you see anyone come forward for salvation but many respond for renewal and commitment.
People with life's difficulties come forward for ministry. The only one who successfully conducted an altar call was Adrian Rogers and rarely was there an altar call that someone didn't get saved. So every preacher aspires to be Dr Rogers. "Oh, if I could just be like Dr Rogers is their Monday morning lament" in their 5 AM quite time.

Pentecostalism is the fastest growing movement in Christianity today and has become the largest segment of protestant Christianity. You rarely see an altar call in these Churches, however due to the Charismatic movement there are end of service calls for ministry. People are prayed for by the laying on of hands for all maladies. There has always been fervent prayer at the close of the sermon and rarely would a service close without such prayer. When people are saved it is during these services so that there is usually not an evangelistic appeal to draw sinners. Yet they are the fastest growing segment of Christianity today. You would think that those Churches that disdain anti-evangelistic techniques and insist that every service close with a specific call to sinners would naturally be the fastest growing Churches. But it seems not to be that way!

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