March 27, 2008

Things About Bellevue That Embarrassed Me!

Christian banners were displayed in splendorous pageantry at Bellevue. What impresses some doesn't impress all. In fact it was somewhat embarrassing to me. It had the pageantry of Rome as the many banners were paraded down the isles, filling the sanctuary with colorful (I assume hand made) expressions of worship, accompanied with orchestrated music with theatrical flare.

However what I wonder is why a Church would display this theological gallery and not express itself in following historic confessions. The beauty of confessions have an appeal from the Apostles, Germany, London and even New Hampshire! (and dozens in between) Yet the "Bible" is used not as a creed or confession but a fundamentalist declaration that excludes all others from the apostolic faith.

Well, I guess I alone was embarrassed. Story of my life!

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