March 29, 2008

Where Is The Outrage?

The Bratton Report, NBBCOF and Saving Bellevue are all moving on having failed in their missions to halt an avalanche. Their dissent has faltered or changed course. Silent are the voices of outrage against a criminal act of a SBC associate pastor at Bellevue A man, pretending to be respectable sodomized his own young son for 12-18 months under the ministry of the man who established Love Worth Finding. There was no gnashing of teeth. No stones were clenched by angry fist. There was no wailing with accusations. There was just one young man with his friends who opened the flood gates. The gates were closed quickly, it was only a "moral failure."
Pastor Roger's widow moved swiftly to deny any knowledge of her husband about the "failure" as if ignorance is a virtue. Why couldn't it have been urgent that she rushed to Mike Fleming's afternoon Radio talk show to announce her outrage for what Paul Williams had done? Why couldn't she have expressed disappointment that this incident had occurred under her husband's care without his knowledge.
No, she a godly woman and wife was only concerned about the damage done to her husbands legacy.
I believe that even Chris Williams was, to his credit, protecting the legacy of Adrian Rogers. He needed Joyce to express his outrage. He needed Pastor Gaines to express his outrage. He needed a Church to rise up in anger demanding swift justice. I believe that Chris wanted to love his Father and yet experience his own outrage through his Church. Now perhaps he is a victim of his own love for his father which serves the evil intentions of a father who doesn't love him.

Paul Williams only fear was that he would go to jail, Dr rogers had assured him he would not go to hell! Adrian Rogers left a mess that will not go away and he sits in heaven watching and weeping.

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