March 6, 2008

Stop This Baptist Predator Minister

Handling of minister misconduct (Wikipedia)
"On December 17, 2006, the church announced that Paul Williams, a minister and staffer at the church for 34 years, had been placed on leave with an investigation pending regarding a "moral failure," identified by Gaines and others as alleged child molestation in the 1980s. The next day, December 18, Gaines released a statement that acknowledged that he had been aware of the allegation since June 2006 but that he did not address it for several months because Williams had been attending professional counseling, because of confidentiality concerns, and out of compassion for the staffer.
On January 28, 2007, a church committee released a report (Bishop's ) on its investigation of Williams' conduct and the staff's handling of Williams. The report alleged that Williams had sexually molested his son in the 1980s, that Williams and his wife had informed Jamie Fish, the church's minister of biblical guidance, of his past actions in May 2006, that Steve Gaines met with Williams and his wife in June 2006 to discuss the issue, a meeting that was kept confidential, and that Williams was retained on staff thereafter. In early December 2006, Williams' son, the target of the alleged abuse, met with Gaines to discuss why Williams was allowed to remain on staff. The report found that no other children were molested by Williams. The report criticized both Gaines and Fish for not immediately coming forward with the information related to the abuse, either to the church or to authorities as possibly required by Tennessee law. "
Stop Baptist Predators is a victim's abuse advocate organization. They are more interested in going after Steve Gaines than the pervert himself. While Gaines made errors in handling the problem he does not deserve the effort that many have made to dump on him. While Williams' crimes are alleged, he has gone through an ecclesiastical investigation and subsequently relieved of his duties. He may still be ordained and functioning as a minister. Where he resides, works, and attends Church should be public concern. He has not been arrested for the crime and charges are not pending as far as we know.
He attends Warren Community Church in Somerville, TN located on hwy 64. The pastor is Dr Ken Culver. Anyone who knows where Williams works and lives should let us know so that others can be warned and precautions taken.

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