March 17, 2008

My Mom And Dad!

This morning I posted this to Wade Burleson : "I was raised a Pentecostal, Wesleyan Holiness. My mom and dad were a type of Mary and Joseph, except dad is still living.(83 yo) Dad was a hard working man quite and uneducated. He worked in the shoe factory. He never can overcome the temptation to fall asleep in Church. I hold him in the highest esteem, head and shoulders above any man I know.
My mom is the 'spiritual one' in the family. Embarrassed as I was by her spirituality, my memories of her, she is still living, are her rising to her feet in a worship service speaking in tongues and then crying and trembling she would utter something like "listen people, get right with God, Jesus is coming and you need to get right with God." It would go on week after week, year after year during my growing years. Uncle Sam took that away from me in 1966.

But when mom did that folks would rush to the altar and get right. Pastors recognized the move of God and followed her lead. Nobody barked like a dog, at least when I was there, and I didn't hear everything. (My SBC Baptist pastor said people in those churches are slain to the floor and bark like dogs. I haven't asked him for documentation on that, yet) People got saved, healed and ministered to in embarrassing ways. Countless marriages were saved. Hatred turned to love, confusion turned to tranquility, young people surrendered their lust and desires, Church crises were resolved and her son became a Calvinist! Yes, bold, Spirit Filled and evangelistic!

Now by the providence of God I attend a Baptist Church. What a leap! From a Pentecostal, Wesleyan, to a Baptist and they don't know Calvinism nor Pentecostalism. (strangely, they seem to understand Wesleyanism - I haven't understood that yet) I occasionally get to see my mom and tell her about my church and she just smiles and says "I hope they are filled with the Spirit." I tell her I am Calvinist and she smiles and says "God loves Catholics too." She can't hear too well and I say louder, "mom, I'm a Calvinist." She just smiles. What a woman!"
17 March, 2008

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