March 18, 2008

Who's Your Mother?

My comments at Wade Burleson this morning.

It is a matter of speculation on my part but what do you do for ten days waiting for the 'promise of the Father' in the upper room. You testify over and over in 'show and tell' fashion. Everyone, and when every male has exposed and exhausted his last memory of text, right before the fire fell(Pentecostal expression) on the assembly, Mary rose among the women at the rear of the room and with veil in hand and her head covered she gave a testimony that no male could give. The Son of God had slid down her birth canal and she could say things no written text had ever said. She alone had thoughts no male could utter. She had pondered the deep mysteries of God as no council of ordained males had ever done and will ever do. Not everything about God has been written. There is not enough ink and not enough paper. I believe when she spoke the power fell, just like my mother! Who's your mother!

Oh, another speculation. When Peter went to Cornelius' house (he and all his male counterparts, skeptics included) and preached his short interrupted sermon. Probably the best sermon that was ever to be preached by a male was just a few words when IMO a precious young servant girl in Cornelius' house was given a ppl (public prayer language) and fighting to constrain herself not for religiously Hebrew traditions but of humble cast her lips trembled and falteringly she stuttered unintelligent speech. Embarrassed, Cornelius wished his household would behave while Peter spoke but no, others joined in and soon, even as Peter was speaking there was divine confusion as even Cornelius was speaking. (confusion is not ordained of God but divine confusion is when male minds cannot figure it out) Of course skeptical Hebrew males were present and they looked at each other in disbelief. They reasoned correctly which is a rarity in a male dominated society.
18 March, 2008

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Phillip Bassman said...

You, Sir, are a complete nut!