March 12, 2008

Follow The Money Trail

You may be surprised by this but the real movers and shakers in the church are advertisers, marketers and lawyers. It may also surprise you that for the most part they do not give a care whether the Word is inerrant or not. They have no interest as to faith preceding or following regeneration. Their only interest is "what brings in the big bucks." Some of these are men of the cloth crept in unaware. When they were credentialed; they knew what to say before an examining committee. They were discipled into the program. Many of them were formerly successful CEOs and brought with them their marketing skills into the temple.

What has evolved is a Christian Evangelical market where you cannot buy or sell unless you have the mark. You have to take the mark of inerrancy and faith preceding regeneration. You have to be dispensationational and on and on...

Struggles in men's hearts causes them to adopt beliefs that conform to the market. Men who know that faith follows regeneration will adopt a message that seems to say the opposite and in so doing stir the muddy waters until no one knows anything about theology. They know the Word is inerrant but they don't know the meaning of the Word. They have taken the mark!

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WatchingHISstory said...

Here is an interesting post from Christa Brown about money and the SBC