March 1, 2008

Prophets For Profit

T. L. Lowery is a sixty year veteran in the Church of God, a Pentecostal denomination with headquarters in Cleveland, Tennessee. He is a denominational "superstar" who is highly regarded by the membership. He held tent crusades across the nation in the 50's and 60's, had an international ministry and then became a successful pastor of a large Church in Cleveland, Tennessee. He moved on to hold overseer offices in the headquarters of the denomination and then went back to pastoring in Washington DC. (Maryland) He has left his Church in the hands of his son, Stephen Lowery, and is back in Cleveland with T. L. Lowery Global Foundation, an interdenominational ministry to train and "impart" partners to preach with Pentecostal anointing.

He is infamous for getting Randy and Paula White their start in making enormous amounts of money in pretentious ministries. Overriding the denominational ministerial credentialing procedure (both had divorced to marry each other) Dr Lowery ordained Randy as Bishop in his own Church "Without Walls International". Of course Randy repaid him with a substantial donation which resulted in a building named after him.

"But Lowery said Randy is not a bishop in the Church of God. The title is good only at Without Walls, he said.
The evangelist said he's not surprised by Randy's success, lauding his "infectious personality and tremendous spirit." On May 31, Lowery will honor his former protege by naming a new building at his ministry "The Randy White Mentoring Auditorium."
"He donated a large sum of money to the building fund," Lowery said. "This is a way to show my appreciation."

T. L. Lowery is a prophet for profit. His ministry is an example of the money that can be made by an "infectious personality and tremendous spirit." His ministry is not unique but repensents a broad spectrum of American Fundamentalist who profit through conservative ministries.

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