November 9, 2008

Adrian Rogers, "I Will Continue Attending Bellevue"

Perhaps as Dr Rogers sits in his chair watching the crumbling of "his" Bellevue and the rising of another Bellevue his greatest disappointment is the departure of his own family from the Church. Yes, his own wife has become the very thing every pastor despises, a "Church hopper". “‘Where shall we go this morning, dear?’ he says. ‘The music is great at Calvary but I like the teaching at Grace.’ ‘Don’t forget the kids,’ she says. ‘The youth program at Bethany is the best of all.’ ‘I’ve got it. We’ll drop the kids off at Bethany and go to Grace for teaching, and then we can start going to the Saturday night worship and praise services at Calvary.’”

Karen said... NBBCOF 8:41 AM, December 22, 2006 Mrs. Rogers has been nothing but gracious since Dr. Gaines has arrived, but bless her for speaking the truth. I can't stand it that Dr. Gaines has disregarded her request to tell the church that Dr. Rogers didn't know (about Paul Williams sin). Another self-serving moment in the life of Dr. Gaines.

This seems to be the reason that Joyce Rogers left Bellevue. Steve Gaines would not tell the church that Dr Rogers didn't know. Now somebody explain to me how would Steve Gaines know that this was the truth. Paul Williams and Joyce Rogers told him and he is suppose to believe them?

How is this a self-serving moment for Steve Gaines? It was a self-serving moment for Joyce Rogers!

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Phillip Holbrook said...

I believe them! After confessing his secret sin, I see no reason that PW would lie about Dr. Roger's ignorance of PW's sins and I believe he told Mrs. Rogers the truth regarding such. It was assuredly a mistake, and appears to be an intentional disgrace to AR's good name that SG would not tell this to the church. What a shame and what a sham!