November 1, 2008

Perry Stone, Stop This Nonsense, Please!

* Perry, new wine will burst old wine skins! What do I mean by old wine skins bursting? When we try to alter the knowledge of God in order to do that which is convenient then we risk the chance that God will give us up to uncleanness. Romans 1:24-32 He lets us go! The question is: has God let America go? Hopefully not but we are hanging by a thin thread!

I am not a Calvinist looking for a debate for the sake of debate but a concerned Christian seeking the truth about American evangelical/fundamentalism. I just happened to view your broadcast and was immediately checked in my heart about your message.

Naturally the conflicting theologies, Wesleyanism and Calvinism, differ as to the free offer to the sinner. You gestured with your fingers the wooing of the sinner to God's grace. This gesture implies allurement and enticement. It can be innocent as well as evil. An evil man full of lust would use this gesture to attract an innocent victim. The same gesture can imply an effort to lure a stray cat from a dangerous situation.

Biblically we both know that the sinner is dead spiritually and no gesture will draw him away from destruction. You believe that a divine enablement is provided to the spiritually dead sinner to prompt him to accept God's invitation for salvation. ** I believe that work of enablement is regeneration (new birth). John 3:3

The Calvinist view is consistent with the Biblical wedding tradition. A marriage is arranged against the back drop of girls being captured for marriage. (Before Abraham, women were hardly ever mentioned in genealogical list. With Abram's family "sons and daughters" were mentioned.) The salvific arrangement is an a spiritual union apart from choice.

The concept of choice in salvation came with European enlightenment. The modern concepts of romantic allurement before marriage is of Mediterranean decent. French, Spanish and Italians' romance cultures provided the way for Victorian chivalry and western marriages as we know it today.

To attempt to make the offer of salvation "convenient" by accommodating modern western wedding traditions, using Biblical wedding customs alters the written knowledge we have of God handed down from olden times. America Christianity as we know it today are "covenant breakers" without understanding; we are without natural affection.

Perry, your presentation illustrates this acidic message that defiles the knowledge of God.

*VOE Resolution of Accountability If this is a true statement then Pery Stone is not profiting from product sales and I was wrong in stating so, previously.
**Unconditional Eternal Security, Myth or Truth?, French L. Arrington p. 15


Anonymous said...

I am praying that Stone's eyes shall be opened to the truth. HIS BROADCAST REACHES MILLIONS. THANKS FOR STANDING FOR THE TRUTH.

Paul W. Foltz DD

WatchingHISstory said...

I have tried to reach him and invite discussion about the subject. Keep praying, Paul

thanks, brother