November 18, 2008

My God Is A Good God!

For nearly half a century I lived under a cloud. I was afraid of what people would say about me. I was functional, I married a wonderful girl. We had two daughters. They married and we are a clan now. It was an eroding process in my life that left me every morning saying to myself in the shower, "I am so stupid." It was a habitual ritual, every morning. Banging my head on the shower wall, "Oh, I am so stupid."

December 22, 2005 that all changed! Uninvited, God broke into my life like a thief in the night. It started as I was working with a Jehovah Witness in a 53 foot trailer early in the morning. We started talking about religion and BANG, I was nabbed by the Lord. The Lord had an assignment for me and this Jehovah Witness was it. The rest of the story I have related to you.

I was hit in the face with a pie. My personality was definitely arrested and I functioned under a cloud. I was living with a personality handicap. By New Years day 2006 I was set free from this cloud and I started to live the good life. I was a man at his best, my mind went into action and my spirit soared with boldness. I am now a bold, Spirit-filled, evangelistic (High) Calvinist!

Listen, I was a victim of a silly pie throwing stunt. Yes it was silly but it did damage to me and I would have carried that damage to my grave without ever knowing why life had to be such a struggle. I have forgiven my perpetrator. If I knew who he/she was I would rush to them and hug them! I love that person dearly. What they meant for evil has served a good purpose! God has prepared me for my remaining years to attain his exclusive purpose. That half century was not wasted years but preparation for his assignment.

My God is a good God!


Anonymous said...

Yes, Brother Charles, He is indeed Good, Kind, Merciful, and Gracious.
He could have left us in our sins, but He didn't...
He did not have to reach down and save this poor wretch of a sinner, but He did...
And since then He has met every need.... What A Good God we serve.
Dr. Paul W. Foltz

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... two posts: Two photos of yourself.

Excerpts from "Cognitive Therapy of Personality Disorders," pp. 243-246:

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

The overinflated self image generates rage when disappointment occurs (check), and intermittent reinforcement maintains the self-image distortions (see "Straight Path" and "Folks Folly").


The narcissistic theme of self-involvement has evolved from an explanation for masturbation (while doing research) to a disorder of arrested personality development (check) to a personality impaired by maladaptive beliefs or an inflated self-image (check and check).


According to self-verification theory, self-esteem is the motivating force behind feedback seeking (Swann, 1990). Across a broad range of contexts, individuals with an inflated self-image tend to create and maintain a positive illusory bias where they solicit confirming positive feedback ("many are reading but few are commenting. Why?"), avoid self concept change (check), place uncomfortable demands on others (like dead men and their widows), and deal with dissonance via hostility and aggression (check).

Gee, sounds a lot like you, Chuck!

WatchingHISstory said...

Brother Paul

Yes He's good all the time!!!

WatchingHISstory said...


where do I mail the check for this counseling session and when will I see results?


good lukin ain't I!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you should show me some love instead of all the hate you are spewing. all these pot shots you are taking at me and my precious family. You are causing untold suffering on us and we don't know how much more we can bear.

We are comming to the end of our rope and we just don't know where to turn for comfort.

Please spare us your vengence and hate!

Show us some love!!!


Adrian & Joyce Rogers