November 8, 2008

Bellevue Baptist Lay-offs

I don't believe that you will find a Biblical instruction for Church abandonment. If you have joined a Church and established a regular giving practice then you have an obligation to continue that support even if you don't like the pastor. He should be confronted and the leadership should be aware of your beliefs. If necessary you should be vigilant in your protest of the pastors actions. You should not leave when asked to leave because this is a Church and it is a spiritual institution.

Steve Gaines, has erred in his failure to expose Paul Williams and that is his worst problem. There is no reason to leave Bellevue with your finances, I don't care who you are. If anybody understands this or should understand it surely would be Joyce Rogers. Mark Sharpe, Josh Manning and the others directly involved in the protest failed in their responsibility. Feeling as they did can you imagine if they would have stood their ground and remained unmoved?

I understand this obstinacy for what I believe is truth and like a pit bull I will not let go regardless of the resistance. The greater my resistance the deeper the bite. Most of you think this is wrong. You are afraid to be called what I am called, unjustly. You are afraid to be ignored and no effort made to hear what your thesis is. Most of this loss of hearing on the part of my enemies comes from God. God withholds the hearing from them.

We often wonder why there are so many denominations in America. I know why! Too many people abandon a ministry too early. They give up the fight. When a revival is about to start and a renewal on the verge to erupt they go start a new work or change to another work in progress. This is why American Fundamentalism is stale and lifeless. So now we have three stale Churches, large in scope but stale; Ellendale, Faith and Bellevue Baptist. There are other Churches which are growing with Bellevue's refugees but stale people make bigger stale churches.

Brother Pastor, when you take in one of these refugees know that if your do not make them happy they will leave you too! So please them with what ever they call truth. That is your bread and butter.

If you are one of the poor souls without a job, it is not Steve Gaines fault it is the followers of Joyce Rogers and the following internet sites: Saving Bellevue, The Watchman - Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?, Mark Sharpe Interview Comments and New BBC Open Forum.

Search out these sites and you will find names who are responsible for your demise. However most are cowards and all you will find is anonymity. But many have e-mail addresses in their profiles. Send them a message and thank them for "opening the door" for your job loss!


Paul W. Foltz DD said...

The Body of Christ is a Living, Spiritual Organism
The local church, though part of Christ's body is an organization.
When you face false doctrine, you must stand against it, but staying in a local church, will compromise biblical standards.

I left as associate pastor of a church which kept on a man as a deacon after he divorced and remarried. The whole time I was there before I left was a dead, lifeless experience.

WatchingHISstory said...

Thoes who leave a church should be thoes who were not with us in the first place.

Too often the wrong people leave a church. Perhaps when the wrong people leave that is a compromise of biblical standards.

When the wrong people stay that is a compromise of biblical standards.

WatchingHISstory said...

32yrs@bbc has left a new comment on the post "Is "The Big One" just around the corner?":

"I would feel sorry for the people being laid off but Steve is actually doing them a big favor by pushing them on out the door."

True but how sad they are hearing the loss of their job just days before being ushered out the door and so close to the holidays.
This sounds like the world's tactics

32 years at BBC is more responsible for the lay-off than Steve Gaines. When the consumer stops buying the goods and services the corporate head has to cut back somewhere.

Now if you want to blame the corporate head then I want to know why you were buying the goods and services for 32 years without complaint and now with a different head you suddenly stop.

Doctrine and theology is the same under both. The Word preached is the same, just different styles.

Why should a worker suffer because of style?