November 19, 2008

OC Said I Was Just Asking For It!

oc said... here
"elbowing my way between the crowds..."Then you deserved the pie. You should have been more polite.Just sayin'.oc.
November 18, 2008 8:15 PM

Now where have we heard this before. Let see, she deserved to be raped she was just asking for it. The way she dressed no wonder she was raped.

What kind of statement is that: "Then you deserved the pie" I was picked out of the crowd because I was the least likely to put up any resistance. It was a cowardly act of a bully who knew I was defenseless to fight back! The bully was right!

OC, you are a bully! But your error is that I am not defenseless. You are a male chauvinist bully.
You use weak people to get your way. Your statement gives you away. You are truly a coward!


Anonymous said...

How could you ever compare getting hit in the face with a pie to rape? You're sicker and more delusional than I thought!

Anonymous said...

Chuckles want to find out what a bully looks like? Check yourself out in a mirror.

I find it absolutely amazing that you don't talk much about your years as non-spirit filled Pastor. Sounds like you must have done everything wrong and now you got it right? Sure Chuckles, you keep on believing that.

Anon 8:39 that is very sick on his part. Makes you want to puke. Like I said yesterday his own wife did not want to be part of his little "joy" ride to McMinnville, smart lady. Just wonder why she stays with this fool. Wonder how she is going to react to our flyer we have prepared on his posts? Bet he stays inside a lot after those get out.

I just wish someone close to him would do some intervention. But I don't think he has anyone close except Folks Folly. Shame.

I saw on one of his previous comments he used the name of two victims of sexual abuse. Why in the hell would this twit do it except to make him seem like he is important. Well he is about as stupid and dumb as they come. And I mean he is really stupid.

I have had enough of this twit NB. I see this morning his other alter ego folks folly jumps in kissing his fat ass. Man that is just flat wrong. Weren't these two twits going to kick Paul Williams' ass? Well Paul has been sent a lot of Chuckles’ post. Maybe Paul will come to Milestone Circle himself. Wonder if the fat pervert will hurt himself trying to climb over the back fence trying to run away.

Anonymous said...

Chuckles: One question again. Just where was the "colored" restroom you spoke about.

WatchingHISstory said...

GMOMMY said "She was encouraged to leave just like so many others were." November 18, 2008 11:51 PM

I believe this maybe a fraudulent statement. I seriously doubt that Mrs Rogers was encouraged to leave. I am sure that there was no one who wanted to see her leave.

If there is proof that this statement is true I would like to know.

GMOMMY produce some proof!

WatchingHISstory said...

what say ye oc

what kind of an avocate are you for victims? "Well, honey, looks to me like you were just asking for it! Those tight jeans and low cut blouse, baby, you were just broadcasting yourself. You can't blame anyone but yourself."

..."Then you deserved the pie. You should have been more polite." Just sayin'.oc.

I'm not comparing a pie in the face to rape, absolutely not but trauma is trauma and I had it hidden for almost 50 years.

oc, you are playing the same game with me that all those Baptist ministers are playing with Christa Brown! Now isn't that interesting?

Let's see you were married but your wife left you, I wonder why. . no, let's not go there.

WatchingHISstory said...


where are you? calling oc calling oc calling oc
where are you?

ladies you should be very careful how you dress and act. You don't want to invite a rape! oc has warned you!

Anonymous said...

Excerpts from "Cognitive Therapy of Personality Disorders," pp. 243-246:

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

The overinflated self image generates rage when disappointment occurs (check), and intermittent reinforcement maintains the self-image distortions (see "Straight Path" and "Folks Folly").


The narcissistic theme of self-involvement has evolved from an explanation for masturbation (while doing research) to a disorder of arrested personality development (check) to a personality impaired by maladaptive beliefs or an inflated self-image (check and check).


According to self-verification theory, self-esteem is the motivating force behind feedback seeking (Swann, 1990). Across a broad range of contexts, individuals with an inflated self-image tend to create and maintain a positive illusory bias where they solicit confirming positive feedback ("many are reading but few are commenting. Why?"), avoid self concept change (check), place uncomfortable demands on others (like dead men and their widows), and deal with dissonance via hostility and aggression (check).

Gee, sounds a lot like you, Chuck!

Anonymous said...

I think you should show me some love instead of all the hate you are spewing. all these pot shots you are taking at me and my precious family. You are causing untold suffering on us and we don't know how much more we can bear.

We are comming to the end of our rope and we just don't know where to turn for comfort.

Please spare us your vengence and hate!

Show us some love!!!


Adrian & Joyce Rogers

Anonymous said...


You have dissapointed me with walking out on Steve. All the years we put into Bellevue and you just walked out. You could have walked the second mile but no you left over my legacy. Listen Joyce, my legacy don't mean what you think it does. Believe me, stay at Bellevue.


Anonymous said...


I can't believe that you said what you said to Charles. I know what Charles is talking about because I have endured the trauma myself.
OC, do you think that I deserved what happened to me. No! Like Charles I was defenseless and vulnerable.


oc said...

Hmmm. Must have hit a nerve...