November 20, 2008

Graham and Rogers, Inc.

"God does ninety-nine percent of it but you still must do that last one percent." Billy Graham

"The context of John 3 teaches that the new birth is something that God does for man when man is willing to yield to God", and "He gives the Holy Spirit to draw you to the cross, but even after all this, it is your decision whether to accept God's free pardon or to continue in your lost condition." (B. Graham, How To Be Born Again. Originally published 1977)

"Come to Jesus." - Adrian Rogers

Why can't these two great American preachers see the plain truth? It is not too late for Dr Graham to get it right!

In spite of our will we are saved. We are not wooed to the cross we are dragged, lifeless spiritually, physically resisting, to the Father. There is no self-merit in our salvation. The only reason an undeserving sinner can be brought to the Father is because of the cross! The sinner is declared justified by the Father and presented to His Son, a justified sinner. Christ will raise the sinner to glorification at the last day. John 6:44 You believed because you were elected to be a believer! Your choice does not determine your election.


Anonymous said...

Amen, My Brother,Amen. The graces of Faith and Repentance are implanted in Regeneration, which are exercised in the initial conversion experience.
[See my blog on Regeneration].
Dr. Paul W. Foltz

WatchingHISstory said...

as long as faith is the result of regeneration and not the cause of regeneration.