November 23, 2008

A Blogging Intermission

Several years ago I was driving on Huston Levee road heading south toward Collierville. At that time construction was beginning for a new four lane highway. The old road leading from Macon Road was a winding road with some good tight curves. I was driving my old Bonneville behind these two identical white Cobras. Older men were driving and both were bumper to bumper hanging into the curves. They were not really racing but obviously enjoying their drive. I tried my best to stay up with them knowing that these were two classic cars. Watching these two cars
accelerating into curves and seemingly jockeying for a possible pass was exhilarating to an old man like me who grew up in the sixties with "real muscle cars." I was doing my best to keep up in order to see it all. There are some tight curves in places and these two cars hugged them with ease. My Bonneville fought to just stay on the right side of the road! I had to make a straight path while they stayed in their proper lanes.
Just before Wolf River Road which had just become a four lane intersection both cars stopped side by side at the red light. I came up behind in the right lane. They were talking to each other and throttling those big v-8 engines making the kind of music only a sixties guy would understand. I prayed! Oh did I pray! I ask God, "I am an old man who will not see this stuff anymore. I grew up with these kind of cars. Lord, let these men tromp these engines and smoke 'dem' tires, please." I am trembling with cold shivers as I type this.
The light turned green and they eased off for about four feet and then all hell broke loose as they jammed the pedal to the metal. Both cars surged and squatted as treaded tires bit into the pavement desperate for traction. The rubber screamed in anguish and burning tires smoked underneath. The rear ends twisted as both cars split the air with a roaring of full throttled engines. The precise mixture of air and gas exploding inside cylinders and forced out of manifolds into exhaust pipes made sounds like unto heavenly sounds. It is a man-thing!!
I jammed my foot into the floor of my car screaming like a man gone out of his mind. I could not catch them but man o man did God ever answer my prayer! We hear people say God supplies your needs and not your wants. They don't know squat about my God. There are times that He delights in seeing an old man one more time thrilled out of his mind. I gave God glory over and over and I have not stopped thanking Him for that little pleasure. This morning while driving my old F-150 to work I remembered that day and tears filled my eyes as I thought how much God loves me.
I shared with my manager my experience since he has a love for old classic cars and I told him about my tears and I looked up and there were tears in his eyes. he said, "I know what you mean."
Spare me the retorts. Wasting gas, breaking laws and driving too fast. Poor people who don't have nice cars. Hey I have a God who cares about me and my silliness and just maybe He gets excited about muscle cars!


Anonymous said...

I love classic cars too. My buddy, who was ordained last week rebuilds them. back in the 70's he had a Chevelle, that outran everything around here. tires o0n fire when he took off from the old ceder gas station in Ponce de Leon.

I had a 59 Austin Healy 61 in Bible College, that was soooo fast.

I know the thrill also.
I love nostalgia.

WatchingHISstory said...

now don't make me cry

Anonymous said...

Pervert: I shared with my manager my experience since he has a love for old classic cars and I told him about my tears and I looked up and there were tears in his eyes. he said, "I know what you mean."

Reply: Two grown men bawling over a pair of old cars that one of them saw? You work for an idiot too!

Anonymous said...

"straight path" So that's where you got the idea for your "friend".