November 3, 2008

Hail With The Queen

I want to break free from the hold queens Victoria and Elizabeth have on us to keep us civilized so she can rule us. "I thought that we had done that in 1776", you are thinking. But no, there is a net over us to this day that makes it easy for us to be ruled. It is called "political correctness" and it forces us to conform to a world outside of the world God expect us to live in. The rulers of this world don't want our minds renewed by the Holy Spirit. That makes it impossible, absolutely impossible, for them to rule us.

You can not tell a man ruled by Holy Spirit what to do! The Holy Spirit alone does that. Charles, won't we have anarchy if we all do that. Yes, and it will start in the house of God first. Believe me, for the most part your elders and deacons don't want you ruled by the Holy Spirit. They want you ruled by them. They will dictate to you what to believe and how to act. These rulers can get seemingly so close to what the Bible teaches that you have to have the supernatural discernment to detect the difference. But guess what, your pastor probably tells you this gift doesn't work today. He says, "it did work in a primitive setting." Now wonder why!

Can you imagine the chaos if we all came together, led by the Spirit, and spoke freely what the Lord was giving to us? We would be told we were acting "Corinthian", that would mean we were disorderly and indecent. But the truth is that your rulers don't have the knowledge of the Bible nor the Presence of the Spirit to know what to do. Now that is "Corinthian"! Ignorant men who don't know what to do when the Spirit moves. Our rulers are unbelievers who should fall on their knees and confess the truth, God is with you. The gift of tongues is for their benefit. Prophecy is for the Spirit led. How many times have you set through a sermon and heard a pastor stumble over his interpretation of what "tongues" mean? How many ways can it be interpreted? In Acts they spoke as the Holy Spirit gave the utterance, what is difficult with that? "But it has to be clearly the Queens language, by men trained in her schools." What is difficult about anyone, trained or not, opening their mouth and letting the Holy Spirit give the utterance. It is 7:10 AM and that is what I am doing right now. You, sitting and reading, judge what I am saying, and say "amen or O me"! In a few minutes I will be on my way to do some tasks and I will have spoken. The Holy Spirit will accomplish the fulfilling of it.

We need another American revolution in the Church today. It will be an expensive war and membership will be lost. Leaders will be angry and some people will be killed and thrown into prison.

We will have to leave the towers of confusion and assemble in the caves and build our homes with rocks rather than nice bricks. We won't have the printing presses to pass on our message but we will have to rely on the truth shared by word of mouth in one simple crude languages.

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