November 6, 2008

Today From The Cakes Report

"Open Letter to Collierville First Baptist Church" Dear Chuck Herring, Mark LeGrone, Tommy Vinson, et al,My name is Cakes, a former Southern Baptist, born and raised, and now a Buddhist practitioner. I am also a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, which is the primary context upon which—in January of 2007--I became involved with a group of Christians alienated after the pedophile scandal at Bellevue Baptist Church. A member of your church, Charles Page, has chosen to repeatedly traffic in vile and pornographic descriptions of the acts that led to the dismissal of Bellevue’s disgraced minister, including the name of his victim; not merely on his own blog, but mine and anywhere that he takes a notion. Further, he takes pleasure in badgering former Bellevue members made unwelcome by seeking renewal and reconciliation through their conscientious efforts to enact substantive consequences for the failures of, not only the pedophile-minister, but also those ministers that knowingly shielded him. It is repugnant that the survivor of this crime would have his name dragged through the mud over and over, and to be further victimized by a stranger who does so in the name of some divine mandate. Charles Page is suffering from some emotional or mental disorder, and worthy of compassion; yet not so much that he be allowed to perpetuate the suffering of others, especially one who has suffered sexual abuse, and the many victimized through intimidation, social expulsion and hubris.An intervention is in order, to provide Charles Page with the help he needs to find healing from his preoccupation with a young survivor; who like any survivor, just wants to move on with his or her life. Furthermore, Collierville First Baptist Church is supposed to be representative of Christ, and as such, I would think that a member peddling in such depraved and destructive speech—in the name of Christ--would be a priority for the spiritual mentors of this poor, misguided soul. If not, then the church leadership is nothing more than another bunch of empty suits who value career over conscience. One may find the egregious material here:, I have a copied the page to my hard drive as well as kept an archive of every putrid comment he has dumped on my blog. Do something, please!

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Anonymous said...

Cakes is representive of unsaved church members who drift off to other religions.

Since he was raped by a ''Christian'' / his hatred is manifest against everything that calls it self ''Christian''

Its too bad that professing Christians dishonor the name of Christ.
One who practices lewd sexual acts is NOT A CHRISTIAN.