November 29, 2008

Do you not know that wisdom begins with fearing the Lord? Have you no fear?

Yes Ace, I have fear! I stood in the middle of the street with my dog and heard the angry voice of God ordering Adrian Rogers to "sit in this chair and watch your Bellevue crumble and be destroyed." That struck fear in me and subsequent revelations have deepened my fear. There will be many ministers there crying unto the Lord for mercy. "Lord Lord, didn't we faithfully preach your word?"

I live with this revelation everyday, Ace, I don't have any confidence in the message being preached from America's pulpits. My voice is not alone in this. Multitudes are crying for the word. They know they are not hearing from the Lord!

Ace, there is not a work of righteousness, not in the least, to merit our salvation. We are saved by grace. It is a free gift of God. He chooses us for redemption and not by any merit on our part. We do not come to him by faith or repentance he comes to us in regeneration. He does not offer us any enablement so that we can approach him. God takes total pleasure in gifting us with his grace. If our testimony to grace implies that we were seeking and we wanted to be saved then we have deprived the father of his pleasure.

Sheep seem to be the meekest of all God's created animals but when one is lost from the fold by straying into difficulties the shepherd has to retrieve it by force. The sheep will not come to him the shepherd goes to it. It will flee it's rescuer. "Not one will be lost!" says the shepherd.

When the seemingly meekest American preacher clarifies the doctrines for this present age, and defines beliefs against the backdrop of modern confusion and a rising generation of Baptists recognize the significance of these biblical doctrines, assume this is their Baptist heritage and own this confession of faith for themselves they should not be surprised when rotten fruit are produced.

Do you not believe that corrupt fruit is produced by a corrupt tree? Do you not believe the woes pronounced unto those who call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter?


Anthony said...

A subjective account of a personal vision is that which strikes fear in you? This is the premise for your godly mission? This is that which licenses you to continually post profanity and perverse thoughts?

And please spare me the Soteriology lesson and condescension are only deflecting. My comments did not pertain to irresistable grace, but to the children of God and their behavior. Why are others condemned for not calling sin, sin; yet your own is called 'spirit-led' and godly work?

Where are the proof texts concerning froward/lewd conduct being acceptable/excused because of grace? Reminds me of an arminian get out of hell free card. Holy behavior is not the cause of regeneration, but the result of it.

If your goal is to expose false gospels and faulty preaching, then why not preach the true gospel? Why continually return to your graphic description of child rape? Why level petty charges against Joyce Rogers? What does that have to do with the true gospel?

Imputed righteosness is evidenced by imparted righteousness. Imparted righteousness does righteousness.

Anthony Johnson

WatchingHISstory said...

Why level petty charges against Joyce Rogers? What does that have to do with the true gospel?

100 years from now if there is a future for us, Church history will not look favorably on Adrian and Joyce. Their theological destination is a pseudo-trinitarian "unitarian gospel" widely accepted by the masses of "Christians". Another conservative denomination will rise up to take it's place. This turn of theology will be credited to the Rogers' family. Her behavior will be recorded in history as the downfall of Bellevue Baptist. 2040 and 2080 will mark major shifts in SBC theology, unrecognized by todays church.

"Petty" you say! Her actions drove a nail through Steve and Donna and their hopes of a future ministry like unto LWF. Her actions cost Bellevue an untold amount of money and cut the budget that affected nearly a hundred workers and still more to come.

All because of their precious legacy. It was a self-righteous and arrogant act. Imputed righteosness is evidenced by imparted righteousness. Imparted righteousness does righteous. Why? Because it comes from God.

WatchingHISstory said...

A subjective account of a personal account for Isaiah struck fear in him why not me?

I said, "here am I, Lord, send me."

I have called sin the sin it is! Apparently that upsets you! What do you visualize when you think about what PW did to his own son? Are the images perverse? Or do you call evil good? Do you think that God wants you to erase the images from your mind? Don't you think that these images produce something pure in yourself, a horrible hatred for homosexuality?

When I visualize what PW did it makes me angry at all practicing homosexuals. When I visualize an ordained SBC associate doing that to his own son it makes me hate whatever it is in the church that causes us to put it out of our minds as though it didn't happen! Knowing that if it happens in the world it is awful! ...but in the church...

For me it is painful just communicating with you and oc knowing that you have your heads buried in the sand.

With all this perversity at Bellevue all you can see is my use of descriptive language as though I am the real problem.

Anthony said...

By your reasoning, the imagery you seek to stir up in the minds of those who read your descriptions is meant to cause them to hate that particular type of sin.

Using that same type of reasoning, wouldn't it be more effective to visit websites that have those type of actual images? Instead of imagining, you could actually see the images themselves. Wouldn't that cause one to hate that particular sin even more? Pornographic, pedophilic, and homosexual imagery can produce something pure within ourselves?

And my head is in the sand?

Charles, you have succeeded in drawing attention to yourself, not the problems at Bellevue.

Do you think the others were kidding about contacting the church you attend and the authorities? If they have, it is probable that you will be monitored, not for controversial religious ideas, but for the lewd posts and graphic language. When they come and seize your hard drive, it is not going to be to persecute you, but to try to prosecute you. And if they do, all the sites you have used for 'purification' will be known.
For your sake and the sake of your family, change course.

Anthony Johnson

Alan Paul said...

You remind me of a guy named Darwin Fish.