November 3, 2008

Suggested Response By Bellevue Baptist To Paul Williams' Homosexuality

As early as 1949, Philippine Trends described self-flagellation as a "hangover from the Middle Ages" performed by "fanatical penitents" who engage in "a frenzy of self-scourging". In 1962, a columnist in The Manila Times denounced flagellation as "a throwback to the savage". Five years later, an article in The Saturday Chronicle described flagellation as "downright fanaticism - revolting to the spirit, senseless, and gruesome." Recently, flagellation has been branded as "primitive and barbaric" (Sunday Globe Magazine, 1990), a "macabre masochism" (Daily Globe, 1991).
In the 1960s and 1970s, concern was repeatedly voiced in the Philippine press that flagellation was an embarrassing anachronism (echoing the view of eighteenth century Spanish missionaries), and "a blackeye to the Filipino image abroad". Cartoons in The Manila Times featured bleeding flagellants surrounded by incredulous tourists. "Is this right?" asked one caption (1961). "Only once a year, fortunately!" exclaimed another (1965). "Still at it", remarked a third, as two flagellants labelled "Superstition" and "Ignorance" marched defiantly into a brave new world (1968). The Times also castigated flagellation in a number of bellicose Holy Week editorials: "Deplorable spectacle blood-curdling The local authorities must intervene if sanity and reason are to be restored" (1966); and the following year, "this barbaric ritual should be discouraged". Even Imelda Marcos (then First Lady) was reported to be alarmed at the adverse effects of self-flagellation on the Filipino image abroad. Yet despite this potent, vociferous, and on occasion vitriolic opposition, self-flagellation continued to increase in popularity.
When the revelations of Paul Williams homosexual rape of his own young son reached the congregation they should have chosen a radical penitent response to express their outrage. This should not have been ceremonial and symbolic response but a heart-broken response to the fact that one of their own associates raped his son.

I'm sure that there have been many who left the Church without saying they are leaving because they don't want anything to do with a Church who has a homosexual on staff. God bless them! However the world needed to hear from them. The reaction toward Steve Gaines was not the response. It had little to do with Williams and more to do about his failings to duplicate Rogers leadership.

The people who left because of Steve Gaines have no connection toward Williams crime.

When Bellevue was building it's new magnificent edifice on Appling Road, "Love Worth Finding" was getting off the ground and Adrian Rogers , approaching his 50th year in ministry, was drafting the "Family Life" statement to be presented to the SBC commission to be included in the BF&M. Paul Williams was fucking his own son, unknown by Rogers. There was a lengthy period of time, 12-18 months. He was forcing his son to do "perverse, egregious sexual" things to his own son. It was called , officially, a "moral failure" legalese by lawyers to avoid shame, disgrace and liability. Attempts at confidentiality and legalese forces ordinary people to surmise what "egregious and perverse" means. Lawyers design reports that mean that you can only allege what took place especially if efforts have been made to avoid prosecution, which seems consistent with Bellevue. Prosecution of Williams was of lesser importance than defending their credibility. The opposite took place, Bellevue's lack of response left the Church disgraced.

So I allege that Pastor Williams forced his enlarged adult penis into the very small, unlubricated anus of his son, Chris Williams. He forced his son to make physical and chemical adjustments to rush his body into strong puberty, greater than any young boy should ever have to experience. By the grace of God I can assume that Chris fought this adjustment so that he became neither a homosexual nor a deviant pedophile.

This struggle for Chris has been difficult beyond what most of us can never comprehend. His wife has had to join him in this struggle and she has endured more pain than most wives will ever know.

Allegedly there had been oral sex of father and son. He has serviced his son and and forced his son to service him. Mutual sex of both have been shameful to Chris and the pain of this must be unbearable. Again this took place for 12-18 months.

Now if this offends you, it should, it demonstrates the true perverseness of the act. It is that which Paul says even the pagans won't speak about. I am writing about sexual matters you will not find if you try. There are adult men who seduce young boys but not THEIR OWN SONS.

An associate working with Adrian Rogers at Bellevue Baptist Church seen by all driving on I-40 east and west bound to and from Nashville. Three large crosses, that should be dismantled and sold for scrap iron for partial payment to Chris Williams.
added: You might ask, Charles, "why are you using such language?" It is the only way anyone will listen and know the severity of this sin. I do not want to stand before God in judgement having not said these things. Worst still I do not want to be a part of those who have said that homosexuality is a "moral failure", "indiscretion" and "lapse of judgement". I don't want to be a a part of the people who have paid lawyers $1000's of peoples' hard earned offerings to come up with inoffensive words. Should I fear your response or God's judgement. I fear God's judgement.

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