November 2, 2008

Stoning The Middle East

This video presents a view of the Islamic world toward American Christianity, especially the first few minutes. They are saying it is a culture of outright declaration of war from radical Islam on western culture. It is an effort to undermine the very foundation of Christianity.

It is not just a view against Hollywood, homosexuality and lavish lifestyles but there is an anger toward the Christian religion. As evangelicals and fundamentalist we think that we are in their good graces because we are conservative and fundamental. We think that we share a common enemy of sinfulness.

Not so! Perry Stones' video demonstrates a view we Christians hold that is offensive to them.
These four girls illustrate the very foundation they despise about our beliefs. They are in the market place, at the well, virgins, acting like silly flirtatious harlots. This demonstrates that we are not concerned about properly discerning and respecting their culture. This may seem petty to us but it is very central to their thinking and it is offensive.

The Arabic youth is conducting himself improperly before these "virgins." The repercussions of this theology had deep roots in why America is the immoral nation it is.

1) You have their "virgins" acting like harlots. I ask a friend of mine who is a minister in a Jewish Christian congregation and he immediately agreed with me.

2) Unless you are willing to admit it you have our young daughters acting like harlots. This is not just directed toward our young but our feminine culture are acting in dress and conduct like harlots. The middle east sees this!

3) You are exporting a false gospel abroad and hindering evangelism.

4) You are in fact a part of the reason why terrorist are attacking America.

Our gospel message itself should be offensive, the free grace of God apart from religious works should be the reason we are attacked. Sadly it is not, it is the convenient worldly life style our message promotes.

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